PRP For Female Hair Loss 1

PRP For Female Hair Loss

It’s one thing for blokes to go bald – but ladies? It can be heart-wrenching. When a woman starts to lose her hair in this image-driven modern society, it can feel like the end of the world. You feel unattractive, start to retreat into yourself. It can impact your sense of femininity.

Whether you’re thinning a little, or are in the grip of androgenic alopecia, PRP treatment can be an alternative to spending big on surgery or wigs.

Female pattern hair loss is very different to male pattern baldness; the latter is usually noticeable by the receding hairline or a single patch, while female hair loss generally doesn’t follow any particular pattern. For some, you may notice your part getting wider, or the hair near your temples starts to recede. You might notice hair on the pillow when you wake up, or your shower drain may get clogged from the shedding far too often.

It can be genetic, sure, but can also be the result of stress, or nutrition or hormonal issues. Temporary hair thinning can also occur after childbirth, illness, menopause or sudden changes in diet.

If you’re sure your hair loss is more of a permanent issue, PRP therapy can be a natural and cost-effective alternative to spending big on medicines and surgeries – and we’ve had some great successes with PRP for hair loss at Blend Clinic.

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