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PRP For Hair Rejuvenation: Get Your Mojo Back

Gone are the days of hair plugs and spray-on remedies; PRP therapy using your own blood’s plasma activates growth factors in your blood cells to do their job. The result? Hair growth is naturally stimulated, and you will soon be running your fingers through it once again.

The growth factors we draw out of your blood send signals to cells telling them to function. And where that’s worked amazingly well in the world of facelifts and sports injuries, it’s having life-changing effects in those men and women who have lost hair either as part of ageing or through an underlying health issue. In fact, our PRP therapies for hair rejuvenation help to treat the signs of hormonal hair loss, male pattern baldness, general thinning and alopecia. Our clients report increased hair count, increased thickness and even new growth.

This is not a treatment that will stop working the minute you stop the sessions. Unlike other hair restoration methods that see all hair fall out at once when you give up on therapy, PRP restores the natural function of your hair – that means if you stop treatments, it will just go back to its natural thinning process.

Once we’ve drawn a small amount of your blood, the session then works through injections across the scalp, at approximately every half inch over the areas of thinning hair – so, the number of injections and length of treatment will depend on how large that area is. Treatments are typically once a month for the first three to four months, and then every three to six months thereafter.

The procedure is safe for both men and women. It’s state of the art, non-surgical, and totally natural – but it’s not a quick fix. You’ll need a few sessions to get a result, but really, what’s the price of gaining your confidence back?

We also have a few industry tricks up our sleeves to make sure you get the most from your treatments; we can advise on vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients that will help hold the plasma and get the best out of your newly-rejuvenated hair growth.

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