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PRP For Under-Eye Bags

PRP therapy can be incredibly successful in treating those dark circles and bags under your eyes. Sure, there’s plenty of home remedies to sort this one out – who hasn’t used a bit of Preparation H under the eyes in an emergency? – but PRP is having great results in many anti-ageing treatments.

We’re not talking about fillers here, nor any chemical-based injections or invasive surgeries that can scar. Fillers can move from the area after treatment, can look lumpy and – worse still – are known to draw fluid from the area, leading to both sore eyes and an older appearance.

Traditionally, eye bags were treated with surgery, fat removal or even laser treatments, each of which has its own advantages – but they’re also invasive and costly with no guaranteed result at the end. PRP, on the other hand, uses your own body to regenerate and stimulate new collagen and renewed skin growth.

The number of treatments needed depends on the individual and how well they respond, but as new capillaries are formed and collagen is regenerated patients will start to notice the difference. We generally see between two and four injections over several months brings the best results.

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Prices start from £225

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