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PRP For Orthopaedic: Get Back On Your Feet

PRP is not just a beauty treatment; platelet-rich plasma (PRP) harnesses the body’s own healing and regeneration processes. It’s proven to work in orthopaedic settings – we’ve used it ourselves extensively with professional athletes from footballers to UFC fighters as a way to get them through injury and back to doing what they love. More and more athletes are using PRP for recovery and repair during tournaments like tennis Grand Slams.

It’s not all about sports, though; orthopedic PRP can help stimulate your body to repair joint problems, muscle and tendon tears, and is an effective treatment for osteoarthritis. PRP is used now more than surgery as surgeons move away from arthroscopies.

It’s not a magic cure-all by any means, but using PRP for orthopaedic issues helps to stimulate your body to grow new tissue – in turn, this helps the injury site to regenerate and renew. You’ll be back on your feet, fighting fit, before you know it.

What Happens During a PRP Session?

We draw a small amount of your blood, using a centrifuge to isolate the plasma. Then, using a small needle, we inject your own plasma to the injury site. The plasma’s own growth factors activate stem cells and encourage your body to generate new tissue to heal itself. It’s totally safe, relatively painless and generates long-term results.

Get in touch to discuss your injury, and let Blend Clinic design a bespoke treatment just for you.

Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) for Orthopaedic and Hair

Known for its regenerative abilities for issues such as joint pain, tissue repair, and cosmetic procedures, Blend Clinic is excited to offer you stromal vascular fraction (SVF) treatment.