Nano Fat Grafting Stem Cell for Hair Restoration

Are you looking for a non-surgical hair restoration treatment? Nano fat stem cell injections are a revolutionary procedure that uses your body’s own fat to rejuvenate your scalp, awaken dormant hair follicles, and target receding hairlines, bald spots, and thinning strands of hair. 

What are nano fat injections for hair loss? 

This simple and safe hair procedure involves gently extracting fat cells (called adipose cells) from your abdomen, thighs, or buttocks and injecting them into targeted areas of your scalp. 

These adipose-derived stem cells are rich in growth factors and juvenile cells, which effectively make them building blocks for healthy hair. The advanced hair rejuvenation benefits include:

  • Damaged tissue repair
  • Dormant hair follicle regeneration
  • New hair growth promotion

The treatment is often complemented with platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, to introduce additional growth factors and accelerate the development of healthy cells in hair follicles. This powerful combination optimises scalp rejuvenation and hair volume enhancement.

From start to finish, nano fat grafting treatment for hair restoration usually takes 90-120 minutes. This includes the microfat harvest and processing and filtering of the stem cells, all while you are present in the room and the transfer of the fat to the designated regions.

What are the benefits of nano fat grafting for thinning hair?

Following your treatment, the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) cells get to work stimulating blood flow and encouraging new hair growth. As a result, clients usually experience:

  • New hair growth starting to appear within weeks
  • Continuous improvements up to 1 year
  • Improved scalp health, including tissue repair and enhanced blood flow (blood is where all the goodies such as oxygen and vitamins are stored)

The visible improvements in hair density and thickness have been noticeable up to a year after nano fat grafting treatment according to clinical trials.

What should you expect after nano fat grafting treatment?

As hair restoration with nano fat stem cell is a minimally invasive hair rejuvenation procedure, it is free from scalpels and scars. Plus, using your body’s own tissue reduces the risks and side effects. Therefore, you should be able to get back to your daily routine almost immediately.

Within 24 hours of the procedure, it is not unusual to experience some discomfort, swelling, and mild bruising in the area where the fat was extracted and swelling, redness, and tightness on the scalp. You may also experience a mild headache. Any discomfort can usually be remedied using non-prescription pain relief.

If one year following the treatment, hair loss is once again visible, we recommend additional hair rejuvenation procedures to sustain and prolong improved hair growth.

The Blend Clinic Experience

Your health and wellbeing are at the heart of everything we do at Blend Clinic, which is why we personalise our hair loss prevention treatments to your individual needs.

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When you walk into our clinic in Harley Street in London, we will work with you in private to create a unique solution for you that is safe, speedy, and successful.

Ready to unlock your hair’s potential with nano fat grafting for hair?

With over two decades of international expertise, our founder, Amanda Bradshaw, guarantees a safe and effective treatment.

Her experience includes working with professional sportsmen and women in London, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, and training in Germany and America with the leaders and inventors of the treatments that we offer in our network of clinics.

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