A-Tuck for Sphincter Rejuvenation 1

A-Tuck for Sphincter Rejuvenation

We’ve seen such great results using ACP/PRP for all manner of intimate issues, from erectile dysfunction to vaginal rejuvenation, that it got us thinking: how else could this revolutionary treatment be used to improve both sex lives and personal comfort levels?

Introducing the A-Tuck: PRP to help restore sphincter elasticity

For Confidence

Let’s be honest, sometimes our best (and sometimes forgotten) areas get a little loose, maybe a bit saggy, and that in turn can impact how we feel about ourselves and put restrictions on our lives.

Childbirth, trauma and other medical conditions can lead to a reduction in elasticity in the sphincter, which can bring a range of issues, including fecal incontinence. And that can leave you feeling anxious about being caught short or limit your mobility. The treatment can also help strengthen the hemorrhoid wall to help with piles

For Pleasure

The interest in anal pleasure is not going anywhere. While it’s generally a safe sex practice for both sexes it could, in a minority of cases and over many years, lead to longer-term complications.

And it’s not just about tightening up for extra pleasure – anal sex is among the most common reason for fecal incontinence in older gay men. Restoring sphincter elasticity can bring all manner of benefits.

How the A-Tuck works

A new, non-surgical technique performed in a safe clinic, the A-Tuck using PRP/ACP techniques. We start by withdrawing a small amount of your blood, then using a centrifuge to isolate the platelet-rich plasma that contains your body’s own growth factors. By injecting these into the sphincter, we aim to reinvigorate the muscle and help to restore its elasticity. There is no recovery time needed, and our clinic is discreet and totally safe.

Our founder Amanda Bradshaw has spent a lifetime working at the cutting edge of treatments and is the first and only PRP specialist to offer plasma shots for anal rejuvenation. Call us for a chat; we are very understanding and always ready to listen.

For more information, give Amanda a call on 07947 000 643

Prices start from £800

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