PRP For Male Pattern Baldness 1

PRP For Male Pattern Baldness

It might be prevalent, you might see plenty of men out on the street with the same issue, but that doesn’t make losing your hair any less scary for most blokes out there. Like Samson, you might feel your strength erodes with each follicle lost, and even the most stylish collection of hats won’t help you feel better about it.

If you recognise yourself here, there may be hope – and it’s been within you all along.

PRP therapies have seen some great results in treating male pattern baldness – we’ve seen plenty here in our very own clinic, too. By extracting your own platelet-rich plasma and reintroducing it to your body, we aim to stimulate the follicles of the scalp and encourage growth of new hair.

The PRP increases the supply of blood and nutrients to the follicles, which sends signals to them to start growing again. What’s more, it’s much less costly than going through a fancy hair transplant programme. Consider it the cost-effective, non-surgical alternative to a visit to Harley Street – one without the need to hide away for days after.

In the image below, you can see the impact just a couple of treatments had on one incredibly happy client. Get in touch and let’s chat about how we can get similar results for you.

PRP For Male Pattern Baldness 2

Prices start from £425

Harley Street Clinic

Wiltshire Clinic


Buy a 3 or 6 course package and save on buying individual sessions.

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