Male Plasma Shot 1

Male Plasma Shot

Men, do you suffer from decreased sensation and pleasure during sex? Are you unable to achieve firmness, or have difficulty maintaining a full firm erection during the act? Are you finding your little guy is decreasing in size as you age? We’re here to help – and our clinic is discreet, out of the way in a side street and with no signage shouting to neighbours that you’re getting a penile lift.

The Male Plasma Shot is a quick, usually painless, non-surgical procedure to treat erectile dysfunctions with the added bonus of increasing size using Bio plasma. It’s non-surgical, drug-free and achieves almost instantaneous results – though the real results come in over the next 12 weeks as the growth takes hold. Patients report increased sexual pleasure, increased sensitivity, with larger girth and length as a bonus – and they’re even showing off the results just hours after treatment.

Our founder Amanda Bradshaw was trained by the founder of the P-Shot, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more expert therapist in the area. Our treatment begins by numbing the penis and then drawing a small amount of blood from your arm. Then using our specialist PRP techniques as taught by the founder, we extract the platelet-rich plasma from the blood and inject this into the shaft and gland of the penis. There is no recovery time needed and the results are almost immediate in some men; full results appear in just two to three months.

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