Breast Lifts 1

Breast Lifts

Ladies: those geniuses behind the magic of cellular rejuvenation have developed a way to get that magic happening on our chests, too.

The plasma Breast Lift is a non-surgical form of breast augmentation, and it involves no knives, no surgery and no downtime.

We’ll be honest, this won’t get you significantly larger (or smaller) boobs. It’s not about changing the size of the girls, nor is it about bumping some cup sizes. Instead, breast lifts using PRP methods can bring you more volume or a more pronounced cleavage. If you’ve had surgery or found a loss of feeling after breastfeeding, PRP can also add sensitivity back to your nipples. It means you enjoy the benefits without experiencing the bad stuff.

At Blend, we always ensure the treatment is right for you, so we’ll start by having a chat. We’ll find out what you want to achieve and why you want to have the procedure done. After that, we’ll evaluate the shape of your breast to determine where we can enhance – where you’ll benefit most from the procedure.

The procedure itself involves the usual PRP process – we isolate the growth factors from your blood, then we inject them back into the breast to stimulate regeneration and movement. The growth factors in PRP can bring about increased collagen and new blood flow, activating stem cells to grow new blood vessels, collagen and fatty tissue – in other words, the stuff that makes breasts voluminous and sizeable. It could also help to re-balance the size of your breasts if you have one smaller than the other.

The experts say the plasma Breast Lift can:

  • Lift up saggy breasts
  • Increase the shape and look of cleavage for up to two years
  • Fix inverted nipples
  • Improve the look of stretch marks
  • Increase breast and nipple sensitivity.


Get in touch to discuss the therapy with Amanda, and see if it’s right for you.

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