We’re Opening a New Clinic in Harley Street

Picture of Amanda Bradshaw

We’re pleased to announce that our new clinic, based on Harley Street in the heart of London, opens very soon.

Having helped the people of Surrey (and beyond) say hello to a bolder you for over two decades, we’re thrilled to be bringing our expertise and passion for platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to the nation’s capital.

We know everybody is unique which is why we’re excited to offer a range of PRP therapies as it involves using your body’s natural growth factors to stimulate regeneration and renewal.

Whether you’re interested in cosmetic, orthopaedic, hair rejuvenation, or intimate issues, you’re in safe hands at Blend Clinic. Not only are we a centre of excellence for PRP in the UK, but we’re also professional, discreet, and offer realistic prices. In fact, if you’re one of the first 50 clients to get in touch you’ll even get an extra 15% off. But more about that later…

How we can help you

We’re passionate about helping you feel good and boosting your confidence. That’s why all of our therapeutic treatments are designed to give you a made-to-measure solution for your health and wellbeing. This includes:

We’re also currently the only PRP specialist in the world to provide the A-Tuck. Created by the founder of Blend Clinic, this pioneering procedure to help restore sphincter elasticity can also restore confidence and pleasure. Find out more here.

No matter what your requirements may be, we’ll tailor the treatment to you.

Meet Amanda

Welcoming you to our Harley Street clinic is our founder, Amanda Bradshaw. How we look and how we perform has been a central theme to Amanda’s career for two decades, whether as an international therapist in sports medicine.

Amanda learned from the best having trained internationally with the inventors and leaders in PRP systems. She has worked with professional sportsmen and women including Olympians. Her next client could be you.

Amanda is fabulous and offers a private and confidential service to all. She is very inclusive of all communities and offers a top class service to all delivering fantastic results.

Get in touch

Blend Clinic Harley Street opens at 10.30am on Friday 4th September. We’ll then be open every Friday from 8am until 8pm – so you’ll always enjoy that Friday feeling at Blend Clinic!

We love what we do and we love to chat, so if you’ve got a question feel free to contact us here. Or you can say hello to a bolder you and book a treatment online here. And don’t forget, if you’re one of the first 50 people to book you’ll get 15% off.

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