A quick pulse can reveal your biggest health issues

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A regular client came in recently for something a bit different. Normally I work on her back, but this time I got out the Asyra system to help give her an indication of underlying health issues. We had the feeling that a lot of her back issues stemmed from elsewhere, and the test showed we were right.

In she came, unsure what to expect as I got everything firing up. But it’s really quite simple. I handed her the brass hand pieces and asked her to just close her fist around them for a short time. Then, the system started to probe her bioenergetic signatures. Patients usually say they can feel a slight pulse, but it was all painless. We watched the computer screen as her body was scanned bit by bit, right down to a cellular level.

When the results came in, there was the few things we expected – and a few we didn’t, but all made sense in the context of her health. She went away with a much better picture of what she needed to be doing to get her energy back and stop feeling so blah all the time.

But what is Asyra, I hear you ask? It’s a bio-energetic screening system which helps you explore the root causes of health problems, and gives examples of how to solve them. The test is complete and results ready in under five minutes, and it’s customisable to individual clinical needs.

Asyra provides me with information about the energetic origins of your challenges, and once I have that information I can help advise you on treatments or supplements that will help get you back your bounce. It’s all non-invasive and incredibly quick.

Bio-energetic testing or bioresonance has been around for many, many years – there have been devices available since the 1950s – so this is hardly a new-fangled technology. Yet, I am always surprised at how eye-opening it can be to my clients when they see the traffic light system and understand how all of the areas tested work together to balance the body.

If you’ve been feeling off, come in for a test and we can start to put you to rights.


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