A new way to treat hair loss

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The cold weather is setting in, and while we’re all a little sadder at this time there is one group of people who really feel it: those with thinning hair.

Yes, the bald and the beautiful among us can hide their follicles (or lack thereof) under all the beanies they want, but that doesn’t stop hair loss from being a real knock to our self-confidence.

I’ve been so excited to read about the successes in recent years of those using PRP to treat hair loss, and I’ve been even more excited to be able to treat my own patients with this groundbreaking therapy.

Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, is a biological therapy that uses the growth factors naturally found in blood platelets. I wrote about it earlier this year, but to recap: plasma contains a complex mix of substances used by the body to perform important functions, and is an essential carrier of nutrients in your body. It also happens to help tissue begin to heal itself – and to keep rejuvenating. It continues to grow and repair.

How does that relate to hair loss? Well, when injected into the affected areas – that is, your noggin – the growth factors help to increase circulation to the hair follicle, inducing follicle stem cells to shift from a dormant to an active state and re-start the process of hair production. It can strengthen existing hairs, thicken the hair shaft, increase the number of quality hairs, and reduce hair loss. It really is a revolution in regenerative medicine.

I’ve seen it used to treat male pattern baldness, but also female thinning hair and even androgenic alopecia. And since it promotes self-healing, it’s suitable for everyone.

Now, it’s not an instant fix – for that, you’ll still need to visit the toupee shop. Results can generally begin to appear one to two months after the first treatment, and repeat treatments are required to improve and maintain results. For cases of extreme thinning, the procedure can be repeated after a couple of months, and it’s recommended you get a maintenance session once a year.

Sound like all your Christmases have come at once? Give me a call or drop me an email, and we can chat more about how PRP might work for you. You will need to remove the beanie, though.



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